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Our Mission

                    Always perform our role as a technology enterprise , gives all customers the quality products according to the same value.
                    1. Together - Connect Community
In Tan Computer - "
Together - Connect Community " means creating products and services for the community, guide for people together with acquiring new technologies ... make work efficiency brought by technology.
                    2. Create value and trust with customers and employees
It''s my 
core values ! in  Tan Computer - to build trust with customers, employees, contractors, partners and collaborators ... we must have an effective strategy, the appropriate operating procedures, the product - superior service. Do not carry onerous, cumbersome process of cooperation, always put the interests are mutually beneficial - Efficiency.
3. Always "Be Ethics"                 

                    We are relentless in applying the highest ethical standards to our services and communications.
                    4. trust and respect for each other
Each job in the Tan Computer for each employee is very important. We attract all individuals with ambition, confidence and passion...
equal treatment with their work.
Ensure Quality
                    Each product - our services always creates a "child" should nourish and nurture are responsible for creating a comprehensive quality for the user.
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